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Videos & Resources

 Volunteer Resources

Below you will find Pre-Training Materials and additional videos that demonstrate a program overview as well as the instructions on the methodology taught in volunteer training and used during our Sight Word Buster services.

Pre-Training Materials:

Please complete all four steps and watch both videos below before attending you first training session.

The Pretest

The Buster Shuffle I

Letter Sound Practice:

If you are volunteering in a Kindergarten classroom, here is a helpful audio clip and corresponding chart to help you practice letter sounds in order to ensure our little busters are learning all of the correct sounds.

Additional Videos:

Below you will find informational videos that may help to answer any other questions you may have regarding our methodology. For more help, click HERE to find frequently asked questions about our program at the bottom of the page.

What if… During the Pretest, the Student Reads All of the Words

The Buster Shuffle II

What If… During the Buster Shuffle the First Word a Student Misreads Is Already Circled

The Pit Stops

Page Mastery

What If… After Determining the Word of the Day Another Word Is Misread

What If… During the Pit Stops a Student Misreads a Word I

The Spelling Routine