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Getting Started

Interested in becoming a Sight Word Buster Volunteer?

How to Get Started:

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Application to apply to our program and receive our SWB Passcode (Note: You MUST complete an application in order to register for training).

  2. Check out our Volunteer Training Calendar to pick which training dates work best for you.

  3. Use the SWB Passcode you received after completing the Volunteer Application to Register for Training. This will serve as your RSVP for the training session(s).

    • Note: Returning volunteers one training session is optional.

  4. Read and view all of the “Pre-Training Materials” found on our Volunteer Resources page.

  5. Join us for a training session where you will be able to choose a time, grade, and school assignment from the list provided at each training session.

  6. Begin service! Usually starting the third week after the school year begins.

Note: If you had already filled out an application prior to our SWB Passcode implementation, Contact Us!

 ---  Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions  ---

How much time do I have to commit as a volunteer?

At a minimum one hour, one day a week, but you can do more if you wish. Sight Word Busters is a year-long program lasting 30 weeks (from September to May). We ask that you commit to the entire school year.

Our substitute/trade system allows volunteers to miss sessions for appointments and vacation.

What if I have to miss a day?

If is is necessary for you to miss your scheduled time, we ask that you contact the other Busters at your school site and try to trade days, or find a substitute for that day. Your school site coordinator can help with this.

Be cognizant of the fact that one of the keys to the success of this program is the daily repetition. Please make every effort to be there at your scheduled time or find a replacement.

How much time does the Sight Word Busters training take?

The initial training takes approximately three hours.

A mandatory ‘follow-up’ training session must be completed during the second month of service.

Support videos can be viewed in the VOLUNTEER RESOURCES for additional reinforcement.

What school will I be assigned to as a volunteer?

You will be given options of schools and grade levels, based on the schools looking for volunteers.

Will I have support my first time with the students?

Our goal is to have a master volunteer accompany each volunteer during the first session. The master volunteer will model for you and then help you as you practice.

Do I need to know a lot about how to teach reading?

No. During the training you will be given enough background information to appreciate and understand the importance of sight words (also called high frequency words). You will also learn and practice the Buster Shuffle teaching strategy used by all Sight Word Busters volunteers.

Do volunteers work with all grade levels?

No. We work with transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, first, and sometimes second grade.