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getting started

Teacher Commitment and Expectations

Teachers love our program because the volunteers arrive trained, the materials are ready, and each student is away from his or her desk for less than two minutes. Below are the steps to follow if you are interested in having a Sight Word Buster Program in your classroom.

  1. Find out what we are about:
    A. Read about how the program works on THE PROGRAM page. 
    B. Call Linda LoBue to check on program availability at (530) 887-8335. Classroom kits are limited.
  2. Secure your funding source. The program fee is $200.00. (Grant funds may be available for assistance.)
  3. Let us know you are coming: complete the TEACHER TRAINING FORM.
  4. Pick a teacher training date from the TEACHER TRAINING CALENDAR. Join us for a training session. Teachers are required to attend an abbreviated program training session each year.
  5. Help recruit volunteers. (We may already have interested volunteers in your area.)
  6. Direct volunteers to the VOLUNTEER TRAINING CALENDAR on this website. (All volunteers must complete our two-part training before working with our materials.) Your Sight Word Busters Kit will arrive once you and your volunteers have been trained.
  7. Create your classroom volunteer schedule.* 
    Please note: Greater sight word mastery occurs when volunteers are scheduled each day of the week. Volunteers work for one hour and this hour does not have to be at the same time each day.
  8. Invite Linda or Bonnie to deliver a ten minute program introduction to your class. We will teach students the Buster routine. We expect students to work quickly and quietly with the volunteers in the back of the room. We will also emphasize what mastery of the sight words sounds like. Additionally, we will introduce the students’ individualized booklets, complete with a sticker chart!

That’s it! Carry on with your most important job of teaching and let your trained volunteers assist the students in mastering the sight words.


* Use the SWB Kit clipboard containing the names and contact information for your team to let a volunteer know in advance if your classroom will be away on a field trip.