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-- Teacher Frequently Asked Questions --


What is required of the teacher?

Each school will need to designate a volunteer coordinator who will be given extra training and will have added responsibilities for the program in your school.

Teachers only need to provide a designated space for the bin containing the student books and a small area in the back of the room for the volunteer to work one-on-one with the students.

Teachers attend a 30 minute training session.

How much does it cost?

The cost for the Sight Word Buster Program is $200 per classroom. Each kit includes 30 student booklets, five volunteer badges, stickers, a clip board with tracking sheets and extra materials such as lead, a yellow pad and an eraser.

How long does the program last?

Volunteers work in the classroom from September through May.

The program is individualized therefore some students may complete the program by March, others may take longer.

What is the impact on the classroom instruction taking place while the Sight Words Buster volunteer is working with students?

There is minimal impact. Teachers do not need to alter their lesson plans to accommodate the time volunteers are in the room. The first student is trained to immediately go to the volunteer when he or she enters the room. Upon finishing the two-minute session, the student quietly taps the shoulder of the next student to signal his turn. Students are engaged with the Sight Word Buster volunteer for two minutes per session. The volunteer works with every student in the classroom.

Who will oversee the volunteers and ensure things are running as planned?

The school site coordinator will be responsible for monitoring the program and assisting the volunteers.

Who trains the volunteers?

Your volunteers will attend a two-hour training with our SWB training team.

The volunteer coordinators will receive extra training from the training team.

What kind of data is collected regarding student progress?

Each classroom has a small clipboard where the volunteer checks the appropriate box each time a list is completed. Teachers can access this clipboard at any time to check the progress of their students.

Would this program be appropriate for Special Day classes?

Yes, if the students have language skills and are capable of memorizing words.

Would this program be appropriate for resource teachers to use?

Yes, if there is daily repetition with the program. It would not be appropriate if the resource teacher only sees the child once or twice a week and there is no follow-through on the other days of the week.

Could this program be appropriate as an intervention for a Title I school?

Absolutely, if there is daily repetition with the program.