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Our mission is to boost early literacy in the classroom by recruiting, training, and supporting qualified community volunteers in a daily reading reinforcement program that directly helps students.


Children will enjoy greater success in early literacy with the help of our community volunteers. When children can read well, they will perform better academically, emotionally, and socially throughout their lives.


Become a Volunteer!

Do you enjoy working with children? Would you like to help boost the reading and learning skills of local students? If so, you may want to become a Sight Word Buster! The Sight Word Busters program is made up of volunteers who spend, on average, one hour per week working with students in local primary classrooms.

At the kindergarten level, volunteers help students learn letter names, sounds, and the first sight words. In the first and second grades, volunteers help students master a list of 300+ high frequency sight words and reinforce other reading skills being taught at these grade levels.

Volunteers need no prior knowledge or training. The Sight Word Busters program provides volunteer training and support.